About Us

Strong vision. Accurate science.

Universal Cells Inc. is a private Seattle-based biotechnology company developing nuclease-free genome editing technologies that accurately and efficiently edit any gene, without off-target cutting.

In addition to our internal therapeutic programs, Universal Cells welcomes collaborative opportunities where our partners have expertise and complementary technologies that accelerate the development of stem cell and gene therapies.


Our Vision is to deliver on the promise of regenerative medicine by trailblazing the use of gene editing in cell therapies.


Our Mission is to create superior medicines using gene-edited stem cells.

Company Values

  • We strive for excellence and high standards, in a detail-oriented environment where rigorous science is at the core of our work.
  • We cultivate focus, speed and efficiency and pride ourselves on ethical integrity, fairness, and accountability.
  • We value the creative and innovative capabilities of all staff and develop ideas in a cost-, time- and risk-appropriate manner while remaining focused on corporate goals.
  • We nurture a positive, fun work environment, where collaborative teamwork and open communication are appreciated and fostered.

Meet the team:

Management Team